For use on all types of solar panel installations


SolarCleano is the best mobile solution to clean all solar installations and maintain their efficiency

JTK Solar Solutions is a proud partner of SolarCleano and their revolutionary solar panel cleaning robot. This solar cleaning robot is highly efficient and easy to use. If you are a provider of solar panel cleaning services, this product will help you minimize labor costs and maximize your profit margins. SolarCleano takes pride in manufacturing a mobile solar panel cleaning solution that will increase your efficiency and limit your on-site time.

The SolarCleano robot was developed by cleaners, for cleaners and is backed with a 1-year warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve. With easy setup and even easier portability, this robot’s capabilities range from ground-level solar panel installations to multi-level roofing setups.

SolarCleano also provides dozens of interchangeable accessories for the robot without compromising the integrity of the machine. With an HD camera, you can pilot the robot from the ground or anywhere the robot may not be visible. SolarCleano always keeps safety at the forefront of their design. A safety harness can be attached to the robot to assure stability and security on high-degree angles.

JTK Solar Solutions is the only dealer in the United States currently providing this state-of-the-art robot. Contact us today to learn more or request a demonstration!

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