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SolarCleano Robot with camera

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JTK Solar Solutions

 a proud partner of SolarCleano and their revolutionary solar panel cleaning robot. 

This solar cleaning robot is highly efficient and easy to use. If you are a provider of solar panel cleaning services, this product will help you minimize labor costs and maximize your profit margins.

SolarCleano takes pride in manufacturing a mobile solar panel cleaning solution that will increase your efficiency and limit your on-site time.

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SolarCleano B1 Robot


Batter Powered

Easily Dismantles Into 5 Parts

Remote Operation

Safer and More Efficient

SolarCleano provides dozens of interchangeable accessories for the robot without compromising the integrity of the machine. With an HD Camera, you can operate the robot from the ground or anywhere the robot may not be visible. SolarCleano always keeps safety at the forefront of their design. A safety harness can be attached to the robot to assure stability and security on high-degree angles.

JTK Solar Solutions is the premier dealer in the United States of the state-of-the-art SolarCleano robot.

SolarCleano F1 and T1

Parts and Service

JTK Solar Solutions is The North American Dealer and Parts/Service Center for the SolarCleano line of robots. We stock M1s and F1s and have a wide selection of parts for both. We offer over-the-phone service and we allow customers to ship their robots to us for servicing and repairs.



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JTK Solar Solutions is the premier dealer in the United States currently providing the state-of-the-art SolarCleano robot.
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