Tech Specs

More Efficient than Hand Washing

Safer than Hand Washing

Tech Specs

SolarCleano, aiming for perfection. The company continues upgrading its robot developing solutions for its customers. Our engineers are constantly studying installs and technical specifications to help improve the SolarCleano. Allow us to analyze your solar installations at your convenience and discuss with you the most efficient solution for an optimum return on investment.

Developed by Cleaners for all solar panel installations

SolarCleano is a highly efficient solar panel cleaning system thanks to its numerous fibers and brush types. SolarCleano is mobile and easily usable by one person to clean in safety thanks to its camera and remote control

Technical Data

Length 57 inches
Width 51 inches
Height 13 inches
Total Weight 186 lbs
Brush Width 47 or 87 inches
Brush Diameter 7 inches
Brush Rotation Speed 160 RPM
DSC00085 DSC00073
file (1) web-3-brushes

Interchangeable accessories:
all accessories can be set on the robot without modifying the central unit

for operating from the ground, or if the robot is not visible.

Safety System
to secure the robot on panels with extreme tilt. Recommended to also use the 87-inch brush on higher inclines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the robot damage my panels?

Solar panels manufacturers allow a pressure up to 5200Pa on their panels.

As the SolarCleano never presses more than 4000Pa on the panels, there is no risk.

Thanks to its rubber pads, the robot moves smoothly on the panels without vibrations.

Can SolarCleano be used on all types of roofs?

You can use SolarCleano on all types of roof until 25° inclination (20° for Solrif panels). Beyond this inclination, we recommend securing the robot with a safety system. However, when the panel and conditions allow it, some of our customers use their robot until 30°.

How many square feet can I clean in one day?

Depending on your installation, you can clean over 1 MW per day with one passage.

How long is the battery life?

The standard autonomy of a battery is 2h30.

What is the range of the remote control?

The remote control has a 200-yard range.

Do I need any connection other than water on the work site?

No, SolarCleano is autonomous thanks to its batteries. Therefore, you do not need a compressor or electricity connection.